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You have no idea what this Toolkit means to me. I have been struggling for 5  years trying to find solutions for developing electronic communities. Your "Toolkit" is timed perfectly to start focusing on significant issues such as improving the quality of life for a large sector of our population whether they be confined to housing projects in the inner city or live in poor dilapidated houses in our rural areas. The "Toolkit" has the resources to start a Electronic Community.  Casey, I feel that your endeavors will have a profound effect on society.

Jerry Cronin,

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Welcome! At KMunity, we’ve always said the best knowledge comes from those directly involved with any given experience. In that spirit, we offer this discussion forum as a free, public conversation. No registration is necessary. Posts here can be anonymous. And you can even have responses to your posts sent to your email address making it easy to stay connected to the conversation. No information here (your personal information or your posts) will be shared beyond these pages and will never be sold, given away or distributed in any form to anyone without your expressed consent.

We trust you will follow these simple “Rules of the Road” as your participate here:

          • Own your own words (be responsible for what you share)
          • Act civily and treat each other with respect
          • Embrace diversity (differences of opinion too)
          • Avoid (too much) commercialism
          • Post experiences with tools with objectivity (no flaming please!)
          • Make truthful representations and state opinions clearly as such
          • Your posts imply your agreement to these “Rules”


As great as we’ve found the tools discussed throughout the KMunity web site to be, we cannot guarantee nor represent that they are bug free, always available or even appropriate for any specific use. All information contained throughout and it’s related discussion forums, are offered as a free public service and no representations are made, expressed or implied, that the information is current, accurate or representative of any applicability to any specific individual or organization. The tools contained (i.e. writen about, linked to, discussed and/or used herein) throughout the pages of, come from a variety of “suppliers”, each having copyright and trademarks for their distribution and application. All posts made to the forums within, are owned by the person making the posts and no warrantees are expressed or implied as to the accuracy or applicability.

You assume complete responsibility and hold all others harmless from any liabilities derived from what you do with any information shared or knowledge gained from the web site and its related participants, partners, suppliers, forums and links.

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