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Groove Networks ( provides a solution platform and application for peer-to-peer Internet interaction. Groove's technology reaches beyond the World Wide Web paradigm, leveraging the two-way capabilities of the Internet to strengthen the connections among people who interact online .You establish a "space" -- it might be for a club gathering, a family meeting, a business conference, or a workgroup collaboration. With Groove, you set the purpose and the entrants, then you can chat, email, share files, lead Web tours, and communicate in real-time audio.

work2gether ( is a web-based collaboration software with an extensive range of tools for Document, Project and Knowledge management. Rapidly deployed, easy to customize, secure and accessible work2gether is an excellent solution for teams working across a dispersed environment. Application  benefits include: Open API, Improved productivity & communications, Reduced travel & delivery costs, reduced database maintenance, rapid R.O.I, Free evaluation copy available

Hotline Communications ( offers Hotline Connect, a suite of two free applications that enables Internet users to communicate and share files and information. Hotline Connect enables you to easily create a personal interactive Internet community on your own terms. Interact live with real time chat, conferencing, messaging, data warehousing, file transfer and streaming capabilities - all on your personal computer using Hotline Connect software.

Gnutella ( ) is a fully-distributed information-sharing technology. When you run a Gnutella software client and connect to the Gnutella Network, you bring with you the information you wanted to make public. That could be nothing, it could be one file, a directory, or your entire hard drive (I wouldn't recommend this option). And you control its sharing. Decide to stop sharing? Go ahead and take those files offline. Want to share more? Select more files and share them. It's really that easy. Gnutelliums ( offers download links to the many Gnutella "clients" (the software you download to access the network).

Pyra (  is a hosted web application that helps you communicate, collaborate, organize and track projects, tasks, and other information. Pyra has a core set of functionality for creating, editing, assigning and tracking items like tasks, features, and messages. It also integrates with other more-focused tools (such as Blogger) to help you keep all related information in a single, organized place (for example, all the information related to publishing your web site).

Scheduleonline (  is primarily a dedicated meeting scheduling tool, combining group meeting coordination with a vast array of tools to conduct online meeting (including Discussion Boards, Chat, Instant Messaging and File Sharing). It allows you to invite groups of people via email and to reserve needed resources (meeting rooms, data projectors, etc.). If there is a schedule conflict, either with people or resources, you can view alternate times. With attendees you are given the choice to either: "Calculate a time that each attendee is available, or view peoples availability at alternative times. You might decide that certain times work best, even if some people, who are not totally crucial for the meeting, cannot attend." Calendars synchronize with the Palm.

TeamSpace ( is a collaboration environment for online teams.

GroupMind Express (  software helps people make meetings more effective. It provides a collaborative, visual environment with flexible interactive tools. Within all program's functions, participants can switch between their own input and the GroupMind. The software contains tools for both divergent and convergent thinking, supporting diversity of opinion yet providing rapid consensus. It can be used to enhance face-to-face meetings or to support dispersed project teams.

Yahoo/eGroups (  is a free email group service that allows you to easily create and join email groups. Email groups offer a convenient way to connect with others who share the same interests and ideas

Topica ( is a free Internet service that allows you to easily find, manage and participate in email lists. Topica makes email lists accessible and easy to use for anyone, from the most expert list owner to the newest list subscriber. Topica combines powerful, easy-to-use tools for participating and managing your lists and subscriptions with the most comprehensive list directory to find existing lists and promote your own.

Net Deva ( is an intelligent tool for relationship networking on the Web. Net Deva can be used to: get the attention of a prospective client through an introduction by a mutually trusted contact; find competent and compatible partners to help you serve a new client; verify the integrity, competence, and shared values of prospective new contacts; manage existing relationships by easily tracking who knows what, who knows whom, and who is doing what; find people who share your personal interests and values; find a job or contract with an organization you admire; automatically update people in your personal network about what you're working on when they want to know or may have something to contribute; get to know people better in your workgroups, associations, and communities; build teams and community by bringing together people with complementary interests, skills.

PlaceWare ( was created to provide companies with an entirely new way to improve their business communications---live meetings over the Internet. Imagine the possibilities---sales reps get trained faster, lead generation increases, products get to market before your competition, decisions are made quicker, and you can do all of this without traveling.

Centra ( provides software infrastructure and an ecosystem of strategic partnerships for virtual classrooms, Web conferences, and eMeetings.

WebEx ( interactive services for businesses require only an ordinary browser and telephone to provide sophisticated, real-time visual and verbal interaction across the Web. The primary WebEx Interactive Services for businesses include: Meeting Centers, Business Exchanges and WebEx OnCall.

The Astound ( Conference Center gives you the ability to conduct meetings, make presentations, share software applications just like you're sitting in the same room.

InsideTheWeb ( Message Board is a free service provided by Looksmart, Ltd. to all members of the Internet community, including commercial websites.

Actionize (  is an effective tool for raising issues and forming community around those issues. Designed as online environment for political action, Actionize invites Webizens to make themselves heard and rally around shared issues.

Zaplets ( are the new way to communicate that turns your email into a live, shared place. Want to set up a meeting? Share an idea? Make a group decision? Zaplets get everyone on the same page with just one email. And less inbox clutter.

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