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Voice over IP (VoIP)

Callserve IP (Internet Protocol) Phone ( ), based on NetSpeak's award-winning WebPhone technology, will allow anyone to make international long distance calls from their PC to any phone in the world at the most competitive rates available. Plus, Callserve gives you the added convenience of being able to make calls and roam the web - all at the same time - using just one phone line! Callserve's unique WebPhone client software, the Callserve IP Phone, is provided free of charge and can be downloaded directly from Callserve's web site at:

Net2Phone ( lets you use your PC to call any phone within the U.S. for FREE, make and receive FREE worldwide PC-to-PC calls, make calls from your PC to any phone in the world for as low as 3.9˘ a minute and send FREE VoicEmail

Netmeeting ( integrates audio and video conferencing features that let you communicate with anyone on the Internet. The whiteboard lets you collaborate in real time with others via graphic information, chat lets you conduct real-time conversations via text, with as many people as you like, the Microsoft Internet Directory is a Web site provided and maintained by Microsoft to locate people to call on the Internet, file transfer lets you send one or more files in the background during a NetMeeting conference,  Program Sharing feature lets you  share multiple programs during a conference and retain greater control over the way they're used.,Remote Desktop Sharing lets you operate a computer from a remote location.

Netopia/Timbuktu ( puts the power of remote control, file transfer, and Internet communications on your desktop. Timbuktu Pro 2000 (for Win or Mac) is the ideal solution for mobile workers, telecommuters, day extenders, and users that need to connect and communicate with other computers. Across the Internet, over direct telephone lines, and across multiple platforms.

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