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Virtual Office(s)

ZKey is a Virtual Office. It's free. It has utilities for document collaboration, chat and threaded discussions, e-mail and a shared appointment book.

Intranets software suite includes an arsenal of tools that enhance  collaboration, productivity and communication. In addition,  enables secure access to your intranet and features a wide range of administrative tools that help you maximize the effectiveness of  for your organization.

TeamOn provides a comprehensive, functional and exceptionally well-designed set of tools, especially tuned to team use.

LiveOffice offers an extensive suite of tools including email, personal and group calendar, address book, document storage, discussion board, chat, task list and news feeds. Though the technology is impressive, responsive, and easy to use, we found two significantly egregious flaws.

vJungle, a free virtual office designed specifically for small businesses. It provides a large range of features, including accounting and web building.

InfoSpace is a search portal with message boards, shared calendars, chat, and email.

Intraspect, a virtual office that has been transformed into a knowledge management system.

HyperOffice is an easy-to-use virtual office, offering a well-balanced suite of tools for personal productivity or virtual teamwork.

NetDocuments is a free service service for document access, storage and collaboration.

OfficeClip is a free virtual office, supported by banner ads. It offers an impressive range of features for supporting project teams. The "office agent" is a group and personal address book that includes the very welcome ability to exchange data with Excel, Outlook, ACT or Palm. There's also an "instant contact" feature that allows you to send messages to your group vial email, pager, ICQ, etc. Document sharing has recently been added, bringing a new level of value and functionality to this already extensive suite of collaborative tools.

The TeamWave Workplace offers the virtual teamworker a large collection of dedicated on-line tools for facilitating webmeetings. Tools of special interest include utilities for brainstorming, mindmapping and voting. TeamWave also produces Stuffincommon, a free service offering chat, whiteboarding, file sharing, URL sharing, voting, etc.

HotDiary. It isn't pretty. But it's everything you would want in a virtual office, and more. is a full-featured, advertising-supported, free virtual office. It has recently added equally full-featured wireless access capabilities. If you have a mobile web phone, you can check and respond to email, access your address book and dial anyone instantly, check your calendar and review your tasks, all without your computer.

MagicalDesk, the free PC-, Mac- Palm-, WinCE and WAP-compatible virtual office, features a graphically clean interface and a suite of smoothly integrated applications. provides an integrated suite of virtual office tools, allowing for both shared and private calendaring, 15 megs file storage, addressbook. Provides instant messaging.

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