CASEY J. HUGHES is a noted expert in the field of online community and business channels of distribution. He is the founder of KMunity, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in strategy leadership and community development services for clients across both public and private sectors, including Hewlett Packard, AOL-Time Warner and the National Recreation and Park Association.. Casey has architected award winning small business community websites for the Small Business Administration's SCORE,, International Data Group's Solutions Integrator Magazine,, actress Jane Seymour and the National Recreation and Park Association. By focusing on the seamless integration of technology, the social changes it demands and the relationships overlapping all market sectors, KMunity is advancing the leadership role individuals and organizations play in our new economy by guiding them through the effective integration of technology and social processes for enhanced communication and collaboration..

Casey was one of the original innovators for online community when he created the social architecture for CommunityWare, the Internet's first integrated community building platform and host of the world renowned Electric Minds Community and the Electronic University Network. His early work in B2B e-Commerce led him to develop the current SELline site in use today by over 8000 resellers. Casey has held significant roles as a senior executive at leading information technology companies over the past 25 years including Merisel (technology distributor), Tandon (PC and peripherals manufacturer) and Kaypro (early leader in PC manufacturing). Branded "the progenitor of computer retail" by Computer Retail Week, Casey pioneered the early stages of computer product retailing by major national chains including Office Depot, Wal-Mart, Circuit City, Best Buy, Sears, Montgomery Wards and Costco.

Recent published works include What we need is a new Social Operating System, The Road to Community, The ROI of Community, Better Your Business Through Community, Getting Advice from the Web, Small Business is not Putting the Web to Work and B-2-B for Small Business. He has been published numerous times through Ziff-Davis Online with associated appearances on the TechTV “Call for Help” Show. Casey's papers on ROI Metrics from Community, Is your organizational Balance Sheet in Balance? and Facilitating Effective Conversation were published by the NRPA. His article (co authored with Max gail) entitled “Community Local Access Places was recently published in the Community technology Review. Casey is currently working on a new, soon to be released small business toolkit entitled A Compilation of Tools for Enabling Community: Their Application Value.

Casey is a frequent guest and speaker at Industry Conferences including SOHO Summit, VAR Vision, AARP, Comdex, NRPA, Baptie IT Executives Conference, and the IDC Solution Integrator Conference. His physics studies at the University of California, Irvine, reinforced the value for learning organizations to develop the new institutional architectures of the new economy.

An avid surfer and scuba diver, Casey resides in the beach community of Malibu, CA with his 12-year-old daughter Chelsea and his 20-year-old son Justin.

Casey can be reached at (310) 457-2146, by e-mail at



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