What others have said …”


“In a few short months, he has earned rave reviews from member CEOs for the extraordinary way he has quickly and effectively helped them to dramatically improve their collaborative channel strategies.”

Bob Kelley



"Our working relationship has spanned over 10 years in the technology and e-business segments, during which I've had the opportunity to provide marketing support services to your sales and product management organizations at Merisel, Smalloffice.com, and Durand Communications. I've watched your leadership style motivate the teams you've led to success and profitability, and have always been amazed at your ability to take a vision and turn it into reality by creating business plans with realistic milestones that instill satisfaction once achieved. Plus, the energy you exert in presentations to staff members and industry peers motivates listeners to take action."

Mona Mc Callister


Results Marketing, Inc.

" Casey has done an excellent job of creating a leadership position for Merisel establishing him as the foremost expert in channel distribution. His extensive work educating and aligning our manufacturers to support our channel efforts has given him considerable visibility and respect with the manufacturing community. He possesses an exceptional grasp of technology and channels, both of which bring tremendous value to Merisel."

Mike Pickett

(former) CEO

Merisel, Inc.

"In my twelve years of knowing and working with Casey, I have found him to be a rare breed of channel executive who can seamlessly transition from tactical, detail-oriented discussions on issues ranging from operations and finance to strategic, out-of-the-box meetings on technology, product, and distribution. Moreover, his comments are always on target. I have seen him take concepts and ideas that were considered "far out" only to find the naysayers falling into the fold (i.e. Merisel's push into mass-market channels of distribution, creating "channel communities" for large and small businesses). Casey is also a man of great integrity and enthusiasm. His passion is a tremendous motivating force for large and small teams of people who are pushing forward products and ideas."

Keith Newman



"The evaluations turned in by the folks who attended your workshop at the 2001 CTCNet conference were spectacularly positive!  Congrats to you, Casey. And it was also gratifying to hear your concepts and closely related ideas infused in Dr. Andrew Cohill's keynote closing speech. "

 Steve Ronan

IT Director

Community Technology Centers Network

"It has been my pleasure to be involved with Internet projects where Casey Hughes has been project leader and visionary. His clear vision of relationships has been successfully translated into online processes that have enhanced user experience and dramatically increased results. Casey's mind is always at work making it better."

Bill Bayne


MyEzWeb.com, Inc.

"There were 700 in attendance from all over the country all involved with technology centers in diverse settings. Your session on "Lapping Parks and Recreation" received a very positive response from participants on potential partnerships and collaborations with Parks and Recreation. "The Brain" you created for the conference containing all content from the conference, as well as speaker and attendee information, was a big hit and something we should all explore (a way of mapping layers of information and relationships)."

Pam Earle

Regional Director

National Recreation and Parks Association

"…as always you have a great way of evaluating purpose and process!"

Karen Miller

Regional Director


 "Casey, you have no idea what your Toolkit means to me. I have been struggling for 5 years trying to find solutions for developing electronic communities. First, I had to deal with Infrastructure problems, but e-rate, Digital High Schools, and a new California Cenic project which will provide broadband  access across the state this year and next have helped solve the  connectivity issue. What does this progress mean? It means that we can now focus on issues other than wires. Your "Toolkit" is timed perfectly to start focusing on  significant issues such as improving the quality of life for a large sector of our population.  Casey, I feel that your endeavors will have a profound effect on society."

Jerry Cronin

LA County Office of Education

"Special thanks to all who attended the Conversation in Reno, especially Casey, our computer expert, for presenting such a great opportunity and experience. I like how the "community" is growing so quickly and with meaning."

Donna Gaukler

Missoula, MT

"As you probably all know, he moves amazingly fast. He encourages me many times to move forward - for that I am incredibly grateful, Thank you Casey!"

Birgitte Kristen

Malibu, CA

"I worked with Casey on virtual community projects and found him to be someone who not only "gets it" but enthusiastically participates in online community-building…he is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and a real go-getter!"

Howard Rheingold

noted author of Virtual Community

“Your vision of community and the activities of KMunity, Inc. are helping to shape the developments (in our region)."

Dr. John D. Hwang

(former) General Manager, ITA - City of Los Angeles

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