"In my fifteen years of knowing and working with Casey, I have found him to be a rare breed of executive who can seamlessly transition from tactical, detail-oriented discussions on issues ranging from operations and finance to strategic, out-of-the-box meetings on technology, product, and distribution. Moreover, his comments are always on target. I have seen him take concepts and ideas that were considered "far out" only to find the naysayers falling into the fold (i.e. Merisel's push into mass-market channels of distribution, creating "communities" for large and small businesses). Casey is also a man of great integrity and enthusiasm. His passion is a tremendous motivating force for large and small teams of people who are pushing forward products and ideas."

Keith Newman

Publisher, Futuredex.com

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What we do at KMunity


We help you  activate the potential in all your relationships. Be it through simple tactical services such as surveys, newsletters, list serves or more strategic services like community development or architecting a technology plan.

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(Online) Community Development

We help clients build community (internally and externally) by qualifying best technologies (Surveys, Newsletters, List Serves, Chat, Discussion Boards, Instant Messaging (IM), VoIP, etc.), integrating them into their web initiatives while incorporating the social aspects (developing training material and programs, defining and deploying online Hosts, Facilitators, Advisors, Mentors, Metrics, etc.). My basic premise is that Community is about communicating... with your employees (internally) and with your stakeholders (externally... aka customers, alliance partners, vendors, etc.). As the book "Cluetrain Manifesto" concludes, markets ARE conversations. One then could conclude that Communities are Markets. We focus on facilitating open and honest conversation among our clients stakeholders.

Distribution Channels

If community is the process for engaging constituents into open and honest dialog (conversation), then Channels defines WHO these conversations should be comprised of/with. It is the process whereby we help clients select the most effective methods for bringing their products and/or services to markets. It is also referred to as Business Development, but that generally happens once a true "channel map" has been defined. Given the internet, channels are no longer linear "tiers" but value webs and social networks.

Organizational Development

In my experience I have found the greatest barrier to achieving meaningful results lies in the fact that most organizations STILL do not work well together, often actually against each other. As I am most interested in helping clients achieve true community interactions with their stakeholders, it MUST begin with a process of internal community development. An organization must *be* a community to participate in one effectively.

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