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Consider our historical organizational behavior for "talking" to markets. Traditionally referred to as "Channels", these forged our pattern for marketing and selling our "solutions". Does this model reflect your organization's approach to channel marketing and support?A somewhat linear pattern of relationships forming a pipeline (a linear concept) through which we could deliver goods and services while maintaining some manageable economies of scale. As the figure above illustrates, this channel "map" is now out of balance. While working well for packaged goods, the services and knowledge products available through the Internet transcends this old paradigm. What IS the new Channel Map capable of guiding your channel relationships into communities of practice?

Technology has challenged and changed the roles of traditional businesses and their underlying economics, leading to an increased potential for “channel conflict” arising from the sectoral overlap in the business, government, non-profit and educational markets(1). Channel segments are more of a set of values than they are a set of demographics. An integration of work and play, family and office, church (nonprofit) and state (government). It makes for a compelling argument then that "talking" to Channel’s, is synonymous with addressing the needs of all 4 market sectors and each layer in the traditional channel scheme. Each can no longer be treated as separate and distinct markets. Perhaps our thinking needs to consider a more integrated approach. Overlaps in all 4 market segments dictate this. As does the ever increasing conflicts that are found in the traditional “direct vs. indirect” channel approach. And the need for e-conomies of scale in our marketing and support efforts will further change our current thinking on how to best capture share in this ultimate “channel” of the digital age. (1) From Spare Change to Real Change

Let’s discuss how YOUR Channel strategy can become more effective through the integration of Community. Contact us for a consultation today.

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