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eGroups is  a free email group service that allows you to easily create and join email groups. Email groups offer a convenient way to connect with others who share the same interests and ideas

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TheBrain is an easy-to-use system for organizing information. It enables you to link files, documents, and Web pages across applications and network boundaries. TheBrain illustrates how information is related, provides a visual context for documents and data, and offers a framework for collaboration.

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PlaceWare was created  to provide companies with an entirely new way to improve their business
communications---live meetings over the Internet. Imagine the possibilities---sales reps get trained faster, lead generation increases, products get to market before your competition, decisions are made quicker, and you can do all of this without traveling. More than one million participants have already experienced PlaceWare to communicate with customers, partners, employees, and prospects. Let us show you how PlaceWare can help you gain a tremendous business advantage every day.

Go to is the first company to provide a complete vision for live eBusiness collaboration. Its products seamlessly integrate toll-quality audio conferencing, tools for dynamic interaction among people, and all of the world's content - wrapped in an interface that is consistent, easy to use, and accommodates any group-oriented online event.

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WebEx provides interactive services for businesses require only an ordinary browser and telephone to provide sophisticated, real-time visual and verbal interaction across the Web. The primary WebEx Interactive Services for businesses include: Meeting Centers, Business Exchanges and WebEx OnCall.

What if you could collaborate or present to just one person across town as quickly as you could launch a new product to Customers and Partners around the world? What if you could do it all in less than 10 minutes? The Astound Conference Center gives you the ability to conduct meetings, make presentations, share software applications just like you're sitting in the same room.

The InsideTheWeb Message Board is a free service provided by Looksmart, Ltd. to all members of the internet community, including commercial websites.

Topica is a free Internet service that allows you to easily find, manage and participate in email lists. Topica makes email lists accessible and easy to use for anyone, from the most expert list owner to the newest list subscriber. Topica's service helps you easily find people, discussions and information on virtually any topic, from competitive giant pumpkin growers and Ally McBeal lovers, to Java software groups and industry insider newsletters. Topica combines powerful, easy-to-use tools for participating and managing your lists and subscriptions with the most comprehensive list directory to find existing lists and promote your own.

Zaplets are the new way to communicate that turns your email into a live, shared place. Want to set up a meeting? Share an idea? Make a group decision? Zaplets get everyone on the same page with just one email. And less inbox clutter. Send a Zaplet to your friends and watch it come alive, collecting responses and keeping the group up to date. 

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