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Ask Jeeves is here to tame the Net for you. He loathes disorder and lives to serve. He wishes only to make your experience of the Net more civilized.  Jeeves lets you ask a question the way you'd ask it in the real world (imagine that!). Jeeves understands your question in your words. As the Web's premier answerer of questions (if he may be so bold), Jeeves can answer questions that are hard or easy, small or large, deadly serious or goofily offbeat. On subjects of every kind. Ask, and Jeeves shall respond.

Go to was founded by idealab! in 1996 to provide real-time, expert answers to consumer
questions on any topic. This approach required a unique blend of database technology and human
expert support. In 1999, Net Shepherd, Inc. acquired and re-launched to focus on the business-to-business market.

Go to is the convenient way to get expert advice and services. EXP connects individuals to Experts in hundreds of categories--from parenting to pets and from financial planning to fitness--making it easy and convenient to obtain valuable advice. Signing up is free, and all transactions between Experts and Members are completely secure, confidential, and personalized.

Go to 
AskIt is the easiest to use, quickest to implement, most cost-effective solution for web-based customer service. When your online customers have a question, AskIt! unlocks your website to provide instant answers. AskIt is an outsourced solution: you can be up and running in less than 24 hours with no upfront costs.

Go to Abuzz 
Abuzz is a knowledge network where you can use email and the Web to ask questions, give answers, and share your knowledge with other Abuzz members. Abuzz is a service of New York Times Digital, a division of The New York Times Company, and is committed to   providing its members with a quality online experience.

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