A Community of Practice (CoP) Model depicted by Virtual Independent Contractors (Vi) managed through the distributed network of "Regional Operating Centers" represented by the topographic. Each Center comprised of 6 organizational functions; self-organizing and arising to "serve" the Client (central to our focus) whilst enlisting online independents into the process. No rigid, fixed organizational structures or boundaries. Just those that rise to serve the customer. The colors correspond to the functions managed in both virtual and physical "space"...  in essence, the physical human resources  coordinate the virtual resources within the various organizational functions. The global representation speaks to our "Global Community" focus as well as our organizational pattern that can replicate in other key markets.

If YOUR org chart DOESN’T look like this, ask yourself WHY NOT?

Organizational development in today's connected economy requires companies to integrate quickly all available resources, both virtual and physical, local and distributed into WorkTeams that can self-organize to solve real problems and capitalize on real opportunities. Traditional barriers created through departmentally mandated objectives and metrics no longer serve the demands of the customer nor those of the organizational associates. They lack the natural fluidity of their organic counterparts. Our practice demonstrates a "distributed template model" for physical "hubs" that consist of Operations, Technology, Finance, Sales, Marketing and Community. Each Hub would exist physically in key markets as a "connecting point" for the virtual WorkTeam; coordinating all client projects and corporate development at local levels (within key target markets). In essence, they would serve as a Local Access Place

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